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How a Retail Display Helps Achieve In-Store Goals: PXG Golf

How did the Artisan Colour team exceed sales goals for golf’s most cutting-edge, fashion-forward global brand? Rolling out a retail display campaign for PXG Golf meant bringing the excitement of the golfing lifestyle to life while communicating the highest standards of excellence and sophistication. 

PXG’s marketing director asked for my team’s help to roll out a holiday retail campaign, 18-Ways to Give More than Golf that featured hangtags, signage, and window clings for six different retail locations. While we could certainly deliver, the marketing collateral would have to be completed in a few short weeks.  

PXG Golf is the bold, provocative Bob Parsons’ golf brand innovating club design and creating fashion for those who embrace the golfing lifestyle. Fortunately, my team at Artisan Colour has ample marketing, design, and production talent to meet a tight deadline and fulfill the 18 Ways Holiday Campaign.  

Integrating Online into In-Store Retail Display  

To create a customer-centric retail presence, we and to transform the key elements of the 18 Ways holiday campaign to six brick and mortar locations.  

It starts with understanding the brand, campaign goals (more sales and in-store fittings), and consumer behavior to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve the right in-store experience.  

Here’s how the Artisan Colour creative team brought the retail strategy to life:  

Creating a Show-Stopping Retail Display Campaign 


Bringing a retail brand to life involves creating a front-of-store presence that allows shoppers to imagine themselves immersed in the lifestyle.     

To that end, we worked with PXG’s in-house marketing department for guidance on key brand elements, identified collateral needs and personas to create the strategy.

When we figured out the strategy and production timeline, my team also looked for ways to maximize the spending to deliver what PXG wanted on time and under budget.  Here are the elements of the retail campaign: 

Compelling Retail Displays and Signage 

To create a compelling experience for the shopper, the team created multi-dimensional retail displays to draw them into images that convey the golfing lifestyle. 

We mounted a beautifully compelling black-on-black image onto a half-inch Infinity foam core board. The medium was specifically chosen because it is affordable and known to create the smoothest, wrinkle-free surface which ensures a smooth finish and saves the time of redoing a less than perfect image.  

Hangtags, Retail Gift Receipts, and Window Clings 

In addition to large format design and printing, the professionals on the Artisan Colour creative team are experts at small format printing.  

Under normal circumstances, the fashionable black-on-black palette that PXG uses can be challenging. It would be easy for elements to be muddled and have a dark, indistinctive look.     



To produce PXG’s brand value and promotional vision, the team sourced ideal materials, utilized cutting-edge print production to ensure quality at every stage of the production process, from the prototyping, fabrication, and final rollout.  

At Artisan Colour, the quality control process is performed at every stage of production for every project. This ensured the best possible outcome for the 18-Ways holiday campaign.  

Delivered On-Time and Under-Budget 

By optimizing the project spend, we were able to bring the 18 Ways campaign in under-budget, delivering signage, hangtags, and window clings to six locations on time to help achieve retail goals.  

The sophisticated brand look and feel was accomplished using design and print techniques to deliver the PGX in-store experience to shoppers, while we sourced affordable materials that delivered quality images and a smooth tactile experience.   


Partnering to Achieve Your Retail Goals 

Following Artisan Colour’s contribution to the 18-Ways campaign, PXG’s marketing and the creative team asked for Artisan’s assistance with the creative layout of the display and POP used in a subsequent campaign. As always, Artisan Colour is poised to deliver.