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Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing provides a vital, tangible way to connect with audiences in a digitally-dominated world. At Artisan Colour, we understand this balance and leverage hyper-targeted, data-driven direct mail campaigns to amplify your multi-channel marketing success. Whether you’re launching a personalized, small-scale campaign or a national initiative, we have the direct mail services for your business, including mailpiece design, printing, addressing, inserting, tracking, and delivery. In addition to these core services, we also offer personalized direct mail, mailing list management, and integrated web-tomailbox solutions.


Personalized Direct Mail Marketing

See conversion rates soar with personalized direct mail marketing. Utilizing a digital printing technology called variable data printing, each piece of mail can be personalized for individual recipients or audience segments. For instance, instead of printing 10,000 identical postcards, businesses can customize each postcard with unique offers, names, images, colors, and messages. With in-house services for all of your personalized direct mail marketing needs–including strategy, data management, design, and printing– Artisan Colour has the tech, team, and expertise to bring the power of variable data printing to life for your business.


Mailing List Services

To ensure your business gets the maximum ROI from direct mail marketing, trust Artisan Colour to create, manage, and maintain your mailing list data. We utilize advanced data segmentation and modeling to create the most impactful mailing lists for your campaign goals–whether you need hypertargeted lists for niche campaigns or Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) for campaigns with a broad reach. In addition to list creation, we offer mailing list management solutions to ensure your data is always up-to-date, accurate, and sent to relevant and deliverable addresses.

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Informed Delivery®

Informed Delivery® provides residential mail recipients with an email or app-based preview of the day’s incoming mail. The service also allows businesses to upgrade previews of direct mail campaigns with full-color banner ads and images. With over 20 million users and a 68% email open rate, Informed Delivery is a must-have component of modern direct mail marketing. Make the most out of Informed Delivery with the help of Artisan Colour’s comprehensive campaign management services including design, integrations, tracking, and more.


Integrated Direct Mail Solutions

As the integration of direct mail and digital marketing becomes increasingly prevalent, Artisan Colour offers a cloud-based omnichannel marketing platform to track and maximize the impact of multichannel campaigns. For example, when your mail piece is delivered, targeted online ads are served across Google, Facebook, and other websites the recipient frequents. This approach ensures consistent messaging across multiple channels and integrates all data points into a broader analysis for a more holistic view of campaign performance.