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How to Enhance Your Business Space with Commercial Printing Graphics

How can digital commercial printing help you establish a branded experience and cultivate a feeling of place in your space? By utilizing creative signage and stunning branded decor, you can create a cohesive environment accented by high-impact graphic prints that leave a memorable impression on your customers, thereby helping you achieve your business goals.

How to Create Your Space

What is your vision? Think about the mood or feeling you want your business to convey – is it chic or industrial? Is it a gathering place or a space that inspires action?

Once you have a theme and a plan, a wide range of design and print capabilities make it possible for you to choose items like product or landscape murals, informational wall graphics, branded signage, and directional floor graphics that can be playful or clever while supporting your theme or aesthetic.

Opt for large print graphics to get attention in both interior and exterior spaces. Use banners, signs, and window graphics in unusual ways to surprise and delight visitors. Or choose print graphics that provide pertinent information to your visitors and customers, making their visit more productive.

Branding and Cohesion: Why it Matters

Design consistency bolsters brand consistency. When you work with a single print partner for all of your printing needs, you’ll enjoy better consistency across your stationery, brochures, wall graphics, signs, and more. Remember, you become recognizable and memorable to customers the more frequently they are able to see your branding, so make sure you use different materials to vary your message.

While recently working with a local restaurant’s print graphics, Artisan Colour had the opportunity to deliver an outstanding brand experience that was bold, varied, and visually consistent. The graphic designer came up with a strong design for local restaurant Monroe’s Hot Chicken. The branding was created to be used in both print and digital media, as well as with all online or in-person situations.

Color was signature in this branding, with both fire truck red and the deepest black melding for an impressive logo that needed to be reproduced to exact specifications.

It is critical to be sure your print materials have excellent sharpness and color and that there is no deviation between iterations. To maintain the stark combination of red and black in the Monroe’s Hot Chicken graphics, Artisan made a print proof to act as a master swatch during quality control checks. Once this proof was approved, each printed panel that followed was compared to the master so that resolution and color consistency could be assured.

Having a print partner with the technical skills for this type of precision color matching is important. Thanks to our G7 expert certification and our hands-on structure, quality control is built-in to our methods.

New Technology for Digital Commercial Printing Services

One way to ensure you get the highest-quality digital commercial printing services and best branding cohesion is to work with a printer that has advanced technology and is capable of providing top-of-the-line print products.

Artisan Colour recently acquired the first HP Indigo 7K Digital Press in Arizona, which offers specialty inks and print quality similar to that of a traditional offset press. With specific Pantone spot color matching, you can trust you are getting the most accurate color for your brand across all mediums.

If you use metallics or unique shades in your digital content, there’s no need to compromise in your physical prints. The HP Indigo 7K Digital Press achieves the utmost fidelity to your branding look, even in short print runs, thanks to its advanced printing options.

Thinking Outside the Box and Off the Wall

Cultivating space means thinking about it three-dimensionally. Don’t limit your graphics to simple, square wall hangings. With the right print partner, your print graphics have the power to radically shape the look and feel of the space your brand encompasses.

Floor graphics are a perfect example of this. They have the ability to transform high foot traffic areas into attention-grabbing advertising spaces. A logo placed at the entrance of your business lobby can also promote company pride and help build your corporate brand.

Have a big event or trade show coming up? Floor graphics are also the perfect marketing tool for trade show booths and other special events, as they boast the ability to get attention and communicate information in spaces where all other levels are full of distractions.

When you have the real estate to work with, use environmental graphics to your advantage to guide customers on a journey. At Pangaea: Land of the Dinosaurs in Scottsdale, Artisan helped to create an all-encompassing jungle environment by filling the floors with scorpions, snakes and other creepy-crawlers.

Looking for something more pragmatic? Utilize these graphics as a directional tool to help guide customers in an interactive way. When strategically placed in various “point of purchase” locations throughout the store, floor graphics also have the ability to increase sales with very little investment. With a low cost per square foot to produce and the durability to withstand high foot traffic for several months, floor graphics offer a high ROI.

3 Industries That Benefit from Print Graphics

Any business that has a physical presence can benefit from working on its space’s digital commercial printing needs, with retail, hospitality, and construction businesses benefiting in particular.

Each of these industries must create a memorable, unique feel in their space for customers and visitors. From retail locations that can incorporate sales information into the look of their space, to hotels needing to create a “vibe” for their location, to construction companies that need to inform the public or direct prospects, print graphics go the extra mile.

Businesses can cultivate a sense of space while serving industry-specific needs by thinking about the physical features and demands of their locations and designing print graphics to serve them.

1. Retail Digital Commercial Printing

One of the essential parts of bringing a retail brand to life involves creating a front-of-store presence that allows shoppers to imagine themselves immersed in the lifestyle related to the items sold there. For a business like PXG’s golf store, this meant designing an in-store campaign that consisted of several elements, starting with retail displays and signage.


To create a compelling experience for the shopper, Artisan collaborated with PXG’s in-house marketing team. The campaign used multi-dimensional retail displays to draw customers into images that convey the golfing lifestyle. Cohesive print graphics shaped everything in the space, from the hangtags to the custom-made displays and window clings.

PXG utilized a black-on-black design throughout all elements of their graphics. Under normal circumstances, this fashionable black-on-black palette can be challenging without the right experience and print tech. But by using ultra-violet ink and glossy print to bring brand elements forward, PXG shoppers were immersed in the PXG experience.

2. Hospitality

Location-specific graphic prints that enhance the sensory experience is a popular interior design style that many modern hotel owners use to show the unique personality of the property. That’s why when KSL Resorts was updating a flagship property in the Pennsylvania Poconos, it knew the artwork was an important part of the process.

Nestled in the Poconos, the Camelback Resort takes full advantage of the surrounding natural beauty and outdoor activities as major selling points for its guests. Showcasing nature and the four seasons in custom artwork brings the outdoors in and reminds guests of one of the key features, enticing repeat business.

With the imagery in mind and knowing that hotels experience high traffic (thus frequent cleanings), it was clear to Artisan that ChromaLuxe dye-sub metal prints was the way to go.

ChromaLuxe artwork features vibrant colors and unmatched durability, plus it is lightweight and simple to keep clean. The non-porous surface means the image is sealed and the artwork can be wiped down with chemical sanitizer (in fact, ChromaLuxe is often used in medical clinics for this reason).

The result: KSL Resorts achieved the organic, natural, high-end look it wanted for the space while retaining the functionality necessary for a hotel’s print graphics.

3. Construction Digital Commercial Printing

Just because your business does not have a physical brick-and-mortar space for your customers to walk into yet, doesn’t mean you can’t create a sense of space with exterior graphics. As with floor graphics, think about your location creatively and consider how you could bring your branding and information for customers into an exterior space.

That’s what the life-sized truck signs at the new Cadence at Gateway real estate development project did, creating a distinct look and marketing tool for the “non-space.”

The life-sized truck signs heralded the project and made sure the community took notice. The innovative marketing campaign featuring the digital commercial print graphics helped build excitement for the development while nodding to the creative and fun brand personality.

The company was able to play with the look and size of each truck in its empty lot. The signs also feature action figures as construction workers, further driving home the work-play concept that defined the non-space of the work-in-progress site.

Collaborate with Artisan Colour to Create Your Space

Your vision combined with the expertise of Artisan Colour print marketing specialists makes for unique, expressive print graphics that define your location and keep customers coming back.

And when you work with the Artisan team, you have a resource who can show you a variety of materials plus the pros and cons of using them in your space. We help you bring your brand to life while respecting the confines of your budget and your timeline. Plus, we’ll make practical suggestions, like opting for metal prints that are more durable in a high-traffic area.

Use large graphics to get attention in both interior and exterior spaces with banners, signs, and window graphics. Choose print graphics that create a unique space as well as provide pertinent information to your visitors and customers.

Make your space memorable and your branding cohesive when you partner with Artisan Colour. Our wide-ranging print capabilities include large format murals, informational wall graphics, branded signage, directional floor graphics, and more. Clients come to us for our experience and printing technology resources, but they recommend us because of the superior service we provide. For more information on our services, contact us today