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Franchise Printing Solutions

Maintaining consistent branding is tough for any business, especially for franchises where the complexity of branding and operational demands increases with each new location. Artisan Colour is here to help with our franchise marketing portal designed to simplify and streamline franchise marketing efforts.

Similar to an e-commerce storefront, the franchise marketing portal centralizes all of your marketing materials in an online platform where franchisees have 24/7 access to browse, select, and order the materials they need–without draining corporate resources or bandwidth.

For example, franchisees can order ready-to-ship materials from inventory–such as apparel, training manuals, promo items, signage, and various pre-printed items. Additionally, pre-designed templates from corporate marketing teams can be uploaded to the portal, allowing franchisees to customize print marketing materials for their local market–such as business cards, brochures, direct mail postcards, and POS displays.

The portal features customizable user settings that empower franchisees with “self-service” access to marketing materials while corporate teams retain full control over who can access the portal, which items can be ordered, setting budgets, and determining what elements can be customized.


Benefits For Franchisors

  • Centralized control over all marketing materials and branded assets
  • Cohesive branding across all locations
  • Full visibility into franchisee marketing activities
  • Minimal oversight and more bandwidth

Benefits For Franchisees

  • 24/7 access to high-quality print marketing materials and branded assets
  • Customized materials for local markets
  • Tailored marketing assets without the need for design skills or experience
  • Fast fulfillment, production, and shipping

The true power of the franchise marketing portal is what lies behind it: turnkey access to all of Artisan Colour’s printing, fulfillment, promotional product purchasing, and distribution services.


  • Brochures, business cards, menus, direct mail postcards
  • Signage, wall and window graphics, POS displays
  • Promo items, branded apparel, training manuals


  • Secure, onsite warehousing and storage
  • Real-time inventory updates and reporting
  • Automated notifications for low-stock levels


  • Order processing and on-demand online ordering
  • Kitting, assembly, insertion, packaging
  • Shipping, tracking, delivery notifications

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Maintain Consistent Branding Across Every Location

With a franchise marketing portal, each location can customize corporate-provided marketing materials that reflect their local market without compromising brand consistency. Everything from brochures and business cards to signage and displays can be customized with images, information, offers, and messaging that resonates with the local community.


Manage Franchise Marketing Efforts with Ease

The portal’s comprehensive reporting and customizable dashboards provide complete visibility over the entire marketing program. It also features customizable user settings that can be toggled for each individual user or franchise location. Simply adjust user permissions to manage budget allocations, approvals, and order thresholds with ease.


Help Franchisees Grow Their Business

Successful franchisees make for a successful franchise. The franchise marketing portal provides easy access to professionally designed marketing assets and templates, enabling franchisees to get the marketing support they need to grow their business. Additionally, the portal integrates with a direct mail module that enables franchisees to customize pre-approved direct mail templates, such as postcards, then select their target mailing list and initiate hypertargeted direct mail campaigns to local audiences.