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Healthcare Printing and Signage

Healthcare Graphics & Print Marketing

As a modern care provider, you need simple healthcare printing solutions. From hospital directional signage to medical office décor to healthcare graphics, Artisan Colour helps you take care of your patients from their first visit in the lobby to the final billing statement. We’ll ensure your branding is consistent across all touchpoints while alleviating the time your office spends on creating, ordering, and shipping your healthcare marketing so you can focus on saving lives.

Hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, and wellness providers trust Artisan with:

  • Office & hospital signage
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • HIPAA compliant marketing materials
  • Artwork for medical offices
  • Appointment reminders
  • New Patient mailings
  • Donor prospecting & awards
  • Outdoor signage


Keep your branding consistent across all your printed materials, including business cards, appointment reminders, new patient paperwork, brochures, and more.


From signs welcoming visitors to wayfinding signs directing patients - your interior & exterior signage should stand out as functional, professional, and polished.


Let patients know exactly what you are offering and where to find you with flexible, efficient, and even portable banners. Great for pop-up locations and tradeshow booths.

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Click-to-Print-on-Demand for Healthcare

Few industries move at a lightning pace or have critically important printing needs like healthcare. Our print-on-demand platform makes printing collateral and paperwork more efficient, saving healthcare professionals valuable time.

All information is stored in a private, secure web portal. When you need more business cards, brochures, or reminder postcards, simply order online. Prints are shipped to you anywhere when you need them - great for offices or medical campuses with multiple locations.


Why ChromaLuxe is the Best Choice for Healthcare Facilities

Cleanability is central to a safety-first mindset when decorating hospitals and healthcare facilities. The healthcare industry chooses ChromaLuxe because:

  • ChromaLuxes’ unique dye-sublimation coating is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, liquids, and pathogens.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting are easy using any glass cleaner, without having to change cleansers as you go throughout the building.
  • Prints last longer making the finance team happier due to reduced replacement costs.

Healthcare Marketing and Printing Solutions

Healthcare organizations that rely on fundraising to supplement treatment costs need to work with a printer to find solutions to help attract donations, while keeping costs contained. Artisan’s creative team developed thematic print products for fundraising events and designed three dimensional “awards” to recognize supporters.


Medical Office Decor for Health and Productivity

Hospitals, medical offices, and clinics are where many people have their best and worst moments. Utilize color, design, and custom artwork to create a space that encourages positivity, serenity, and healing. Continue the design in satellite offices to nurture a calming, familiarizing effect on patients who visit multiple locations.

Healthcare printed artwork has a similar effect on staff, as well: use prints or wall decals to instill your mission and values.


Hospital Signage and Wayfinding

Clear and easy-to-understand directional signage is critical in the healthcare industry for a number of reasons. Both patients and staff need to be able to look at signs and understand where they are and more importantly if that is indeed where they need to be. We provide signage and wayfinding that meet the high standards of the medical industry in large and medium format.

  • Directories
  • Variety of wayfinding signs
  • Outdoor signage
  • Banners & medical murals
  • Medical office wall art and logos
  • Window graphics