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4 Ways Custom Printing Services Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

4 Ways Custom Printing Services Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

When your marketing looks like everyone else’s, it gets lost in the crowd. This is especially common in digital marketing, where consumers are getting overwhelmed and tuning out. Custom printing services flip the script and make marketing bold, tangible, and actionable.

Enter the Artisan Colour print team. Think of them like creative superheroes: graphic designers, account executives, and print production experts swooping in to help your brand stand out with high-quality printing at a reasonable price!

Custom Printing Services that Cut the Clutter

It all starts with innovative marketing and using cutting edge tools to convert ideas into visual realities. Take the Zund router, for example. It helps to enhance a business’s marketing or brand through custom cutouts on nearly any substrate.

With this tool, and master Artisans at its helm, your advantage lies in the ability to create cut lines, curves, and swoops to your heart’s desire. Large, self-standing, rigid signs don’t have to be tall rectangles anymore! You can create awesome cutouts of life-size objects, backdrops for photo ops or expo booths that leave an impression.


Technology has caught up with creativity, so the possibilities are endless.

Marketing that Introduces a Brand

One of the most popular forms of print marketing is sign printing. Be it a marquee sign beckoning customers from the street, or an interior sign welcoming guests to a stylish office suite, an organization’s sign sets its marketing tone.

When the world is full of standard square and rectangle signs, a custom cut sign instantly stands out. Dibond is an excellent material for sign printing since it’s lightweight yet incredibly durable. The unprinted brushed aluminum looks amazing in letter cutouts, especially on painted walls and with light reflections.

Target PaintballCustom printing services for the Sports Center of Connecticut’s target paintball site makes the activity come to life while being easy to maintain. An intricately detailed depiction of the Old West immerses guests in the shooting activity.

The various sizes and shapes were no problem for the Zund router, with the buildings reaching heights of up to 10 feet. Not only does the custom cutting add visual appeal, but it also adds a challenge of hitting the target – a win for both the client AND guests!

The high functionality of white metal Dibond coated with a floor guard laminate makes the large format prints easy to keep clean, even after being splattered with a rainbow of paint colors at high velocity.

Customization That You Can Feel

When you need to drive home a theme and keep your audience captive throughout a sales cycle, custom printing is the way to go.

In the example below, you'll see an entire suite of materials were created for a philanthropic gala. Unique diamond-shaped menus introduced the theme of “Diamonds and Pearls.”


The sparkling style was carried throughout the event, from photo booth backdrops to wall and mirror graphics. Even the auction bidder cards resembled gems, making the theme tangible and making guests excited to use them – important for a fundraising event!

In the end, the creative custom printing helped to raise $1.15 million for Banner Children’s and Banner Behavioral Health.


Marketing that Stands Up and Stands Out 

So when a new master-planned community broke ground in Mesa, AZ, they also wanted to break the mold. To get the community excited Cadence-Truck-blog-768x491about what was coming, they enlisted the help of Artisan to create semi life-sized Tonka Truck signs.

Not only did this proactive approach inform residents of what they could expect physically from the space, but also what kind of organization was responsible. The creative, not-so-corporate print marketing was fun, happy and above all, family-friendly – exactly what the master-planned community touted itself to be.

The truck signs were printed on 1/2″ MDO (wood), custom cut by the Zund router, then installed in the ground with concrete footings. Each display is about eight feet wide and varies in height. These were certainly unforgettable and such a strong example of custom printing supporting a thoughtful marketing campaign.

Business Benefits Beyond Creativity

Custom printing services don’t have to be pricey. In fact, working with the Artisans to create custom orders improves accuracy, efficiency and the speed or turnaround time for materials. Your order is created with your budget in mind.

Zund-Router-Custom-Printing-Services-and-MarketingAdditionally, working with the Artisan Colour Superheroes mean you have access to a variety of materials, maybe even some that you were unaware of that are more cost-effective or more durable than what you originally planned to use. And by cutting materials with the router, more products can be used from a single sheet of material, reducing waste and scraps.

Custom printing services are attainable, and necessary, now more than ever. Create a full spectrum of products, ranging from retail promotional graphics, decals, and banners, to all types of displays, folding carton, and corrugated packaging.