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What Can Artisan Colour’s 20 Specialty Inks Do for You?

Artisan Colour is excited to announce the acquisition of a new seven-color HP Indigo 7K Digital Press, adding to the arsenal of equipment dedicated to supporting our clients’ packaging and marketing collateral needs. It is the first one installed in Arizona and opens the door to a wide variety of specialty inks for businesses big and small.

With this new press, Artisan can offer clients offset quality on a broad range of media in the 19˝ digital format. The HP Indigo 7K is ideal for short-run packaging needs due to its ability to handle media up to 22 points of thickness.

Discover how this state-of-the-art printing system can elevate your brand.


4 Ways the HP Indigo 7K Press and Specialty Inks Can Help Your Business

1. Color affects buying signals and brand recognition. Now, you can more easily have the ability to do spot PMS colors, ensuring that your brand colors are accurate and consistent across all print products. The HP Indigo 7K enables you to get precise brand color vs. the manufactured or emulated color you might typically get from CMYK.

2. Get high-impact decorative capabilities to entice first-time buyers and deepen the loyalty of existing ones with metallic specialty inks while protecting your brand and creative assets with invisible ink.

3. Personalized printing with this press can tailor your print products to your individual clients’ needs. Particularly for direct mailing campaigns, employing variable data printing—including variable image options—can improve relevance and response rates for your marketing campaigns and spark better results.

4. New and expanded packaging printing options make the HP Indigo 7K ideal for your clients in need of adaptable packaging possibilities. This machine provides a wider variety of ink options coupled with smaller print runs that can sustain frequent changes in product versions or design concepts. Maintaining consistent branding and quality across all materials associated with your business can inspire trust from your customers. 

Specialty Inks

Understanding the benefits of the HP Indigo 7K Digital Press requires an understanding of the ink available in our 7K press.


Part of the HP Indigo 7K’s versatility is the ability to individually configure the seven available color units based on the niche markets the shop supports.

In addition to the traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks, Artisan has chosen to dedicate one ink channel to actual (not emulated) Pantone spot colors.

A very small percentage of the market has this capability, which has traditionally made smaller quantity runs more costly on an offset press. Now Artisan clients can get Pantone spot colors for their brand at the reduced cost of a Digital Press.  

The other two specialty ink channels include white ink and silver metallic ink. When the silver metallic ink is blended with CMYK channels, a full spectrum of metallicized colors is instantly available. This presents a more cost-effective option to foil stamping.

Unique Uses for the HP Indigo 7K Digital Press

As a solutions-first digital print partner, Artisan Colour has identified a variety of unique uses for the HP Indigo 7K Digital Press that fit clients’ specific material and campaign needs.


Fraudulent reproduction of branded merchandise is on the rise. Measures to offset this trend are available utilizing variable guilloche patterns in invisible yellow ink that can only be detected using UV light. 

The HP Indigo 7K also steps up to print on synthetic products that offset presses can’t touch. In some cases, this eliminates the need for silk screen presses while harnessing the photographic quality available on the HP Indigo 7K Digital Press. 

Easy-release scratch-off ink in conjunction with CMYK provides clients with a customizable communication solution for those looking to add an interactive reveal element to their mailers or marketing materials.

Variable Versatility

As a refreshing change for those clients who required offset press quality, but really wanted variable data or images printed, the HP Indigo 7K provides both.

Variable data printing allows our clients to personalize content for every recipient, thus enhancing the relevance and response to their investment.


Even with these many features, the HP Indigo 7K leads the pack in responsible printing: it is manufactured using renewable energy and is the first generation of HP Indigo printers to be certified carbon neutral. The CO2 produced in the manufacturing and packaging of this press was calculated and offset in conjunction with the “Good Energy Initiative” organization.

Package Printing Options


The HP Indigo 7K supports printing on thicker paper designed for packaging. Combined with specialty ink options, you can now take advantage of short-run high-quality packaging.

The press can print small-sized folding carton packaging with caliper thickness up to 22 points. As most digital presses are limited to 16 points or less, this is a big step forward for short-run packaging.

Combined with metallic ink and the versioning versatility of a digital press, clients have a powerful resource now to maximize the value of their packaging spend.

Artisan Colour’s Solutions with Specialty Inks

Get the quality of an offset press with the versatility of a digital press when you work with Artisan Colour and the HP Indigo 7K Digital Press. Elevate your products with specialty inks and thicker substrates. 


We’re so excited to be able to start using the HP Indigo 7K to produce elevated end products that fit a number of high-value niches that most small printers and many large ones can’t fill,” said Doug Bondon, Artisan Colour President and CEO. “We are looking forward to breaking open new opportunities for the company with this technically advanced digital press!

Artisan Colour is a print partner constantly looking to offer our clients advanced print options. Reach out to learn more about how we can exceed your printing expectations when you design with the HP Indigo 7K Digital Press in mind. Begin your next enhanced printing project with Artisan Colour today by calling (602) 806-8874.