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Why You Need Professional Product Photography to Meet Your Sales Goals

Why You Need Professional Product Photography to Meet Your Sales Goals

When creating a catalog or an online store, your product photography is critical. You need a creative team focused on shooting, editing, and sizing the very best representation of your brand imagery.  

Profitability, the trustworthiness of your brand, and the value of your products depend on the quality of visual presentation of your products. Product photography must be at the highest standard possible, and asset management is necessary to keep your project on time and on budget.  

Product Photography & Catalog Photography

Poor-quality product images negatively impact your brand image and profitability. High-quality product photos establish brand credibility, improve conversion rates, and elevate the look and feel of your catalogs and eCommerce store.  

For brands that are updating their product line or find some patterns out of stock, reshooting those images, especially those done on location, can be too time-consuming and costly. 

But how do you correct an image that goes beyond retouching? 

Dedicated Photo Studio for Product Photography

Perhaps the most important element of any catalog or online marketing effort is the imagery.  

Quality product photography helps your buyers make a connection with a product, while consistency between product images makes purchasing decisions a snap.  

Artisan Colour’s in-house photo studio can create and retake product images, bridging the gap between art and technology. High-end digital assets can be created on-demand, supporting the needs of clients in need of a product, lifestyle, jewelry, and fashion shoots. 360-degree spin is a great addition for digital catalogs or websites.  

Specializing in the perfect color means that Artisan’s experts make sure the product you have printed on the page or that you see on the screen matches what the buyer finds at the store or receives in the mail. 

Follow-up images or swatches are shot in-house to save time and money. Our photographers can shoot products in line with the originals, making it possible to seamlessly integrate into your current catalog or website design. We can also retouch images from previous shoots.  


With two full-time photographers on staff and a number of other creative professionals under one roof, Artisan can offer: 

  • Product color matching 
  • Balancing 
  • Background removal 
  • Light adjustment
  • Removal of blemishes and scratches 
  • Image path clipping 
  • And more  

Location Shoots for Product Photography

Need to edit an item but don’t want to redo the entire shoot? We are able to reconstruct a location shoot without the time and expense normally involved. This has been especially useful to our clients during COVID when traveling became even more difficult.  

With expert photo manipulation, it’s possible to edit a single product or merge different products into an existing location shoot. This can be done with clothing, jewelry, food, and much more. 


Struggling With Consistent and Accessible Image Storage?

Photos can be uploaded for catalog, web, or print projects, with everything captured and stored under one roof to make edits or revisions easy. Artisan Colour has built a custom digital asset management system (DAM) called Colour Vault.  

Benefits of Colour Vault: 

  • Access to assets 24/7 on any device with a web browser 
  • Can upload images, videos, documents, art files, and more 
  • Users can download, upload, share, and edit  
  • Secure access for multiple users with unique passwords 
  • Metadata tags and keywording for easy organization 
  • Searchable assets based on name, date, etc.  

Sundance has been utilizing Artisan’s DAM system since 1999. The image library contains over 40,000 assets, which are available 24/7. The ability to securely store and access images year after year has substantially reduced costs for all of our catalog clients.  

Artisan Colour has also built a number of proofing and workflow tools specifically for our catalog clients. 

Artisans With Experience

Our photo retouchers are masters of their craft, and our creative team includes seasoned staff with over 100+ years of collective experience. We offer top-tier work and creative visionaries that position your brand to sell.  


Over twenty years in the product image management industry working with some of the most recognizable brands in the catalog industry means we can help with any size project, and walk you through the catalog production process no matter your level of experience. Not using our printing services? We’ll make sure your assets are delivered to your printer well before the deadline.  

If you choose to look beyond our photo studio, Artisan offers end-to-end creative solutions under one roof. In addition to product photography, we offer: 

  • Design services 
  • Social media derivative creation 
  • Prepress audits and consulting services 
  • Color calibration and management 
  • Printing, warehouse, and shipping  
  • Fully branded signage & POP displays for your retail stores 
  • And more!  

To learn more about what we do, contact us today