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How A Hospitality Interior Design & Art Elevated A Luxury Hotel

How A Hospitality Interior Design & Art Elevated A Luxury Hotel

Incorporating sensory experiences is how many modern hotel owners impact guest experience and one hospitality interior design secret weapon is to incorporate visually distinct, unique wall art. That’s why when KSL Resorts was updating a flagship property in the Pennsylvania Poconos, it knew the artwork was an important part of the process.

The hotel ownership and brand designer enlisted Artisan Colour for fine art printing services that would bring the outdoors in – and complement the complete resort redesign.

Why Choose Artisan For Your Hotel Room & Lobby Artwork?

Artisan Colour has long history of involvement with designers and brands that have a discerning eye when it comes to print quality. When our very own Mike Goldner met designer Mark Laverman at the Arizona Highways Expo, Artisan’s high-quality fine art printing services stuck with him. When Mark, Executive Director, Branding & Advertising, at the marketing firm Six Degrees started working with KSL Resorts on a hotel redesign, he knew just where to go. 


The Camelback Resort is nestled in the Poconos and truly takes advantage of the surrounding natural beauty, and accompanying activities, as selling points to its guests. So while the need for new fine art prints in a nature and seasons theme were clear, initially the right substrate to use was not.

This is where being a part of the bidding process was key. 

With the imagery in mind and knowing that hotel’s experience high traffic and the prints would need to be cleaned frequently (not just during a pandemic), Mike recommended ChromaLuxe dye-sub metal prints.

Why Choose ChromaLuxe For Hotel Wall Art?

chromaluxe-gloss_OChromaLuxe world-class artwork boasts vibrant colors and durability that are unmatched by other materials, plus it is lightweight and simple to keep clean. The non-porous surface means the image is sealed and the artwork can be wiped down with chemical sanitizer (in fact, ChromaLuxe is often used in medical clinics for this reason). Traditional canvas or even acrylic prints can’t withstand the same treatment while still retaining their brilliance. 

 Additionally, both ChromaLuxe and Artisan place emphasis on sustainable manufacturing. Recycled materials go into the manufacturing of the metal surface and green initiatives are followed within the workplaces. Stunning hospitality interior design can be both socially and environmentally friendly.  

With the theme, images and materials selected, it then came down to sizing. Another benefit of ChromaLuxe is that it can be completely custom sized – up to eight feet! It’s also great for clusters splits, an upscale way to expand on more traditional interior design for hotels while still maintaining consistency. 

Hotel Wall Decor & Fine Art Printing Services Supplier

Artisan Colour was awarded the hospitality interior design fine art prints project in September 2020, which included a total of 2,356 prints (453 sets). Sizes ranged from 24”x36” to 60”x40”, including some triptych splits. 

Completing such a large order and shipping across the country was no small feat. It took polished project management skills, proven work efficiencies and a seamless system. 

Workflow and scheduling are key (especially during a pandemic). To optimize the printing, dye-sublimation, assembly and packing of the artwork, the Artisans actually rearranged the ChromaLuxe printing room and designated key stations in the finishing area of the print shop. 

Fine Art Printing Services Hand Crafted in USA

All Artisan work is handcrafted at our headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ (coatings and substrates are also made in the U.S.A. with manufacturing and fabrication done in Louisville, KY), which helps with the turnaround time for large orders.   

Safe and Speedy Shipping

Once custom crates were ordered to ensure safe transit of the artwork to the hotel in Tannersville, PA., a timeline was established so that the hotel could install the fine art prints floor by floor.


The schedule called for the last of the artwork to be delivered to the resort by December 25th, just three months after the project kickoff. The biggest wildcard was shipping, so this meant staying on top of transit times and arrival dates, then communicating internally and externally. 

Keeping Hotel Artwork Quality in Check

Quality is always the top priority, even with aggressive timelines and socially distant staff. After the first print run, Mark Laverman stopped by the Artisan print shop to see the stunning metal prints for himself. Together with Mike Goldner, they reviewed the order, the sets and how they would be shipped. 

IMG_3862-400x300 IMG_1994-400x300 IMG_3857-400x300

Before each print went into the custom crate, it was inspected at least three times for quality assurance. 

“From help with optimizing image files all the way through managing the shipping logistics, Artisan Colour was a dream to work with. The thoroughness of Mike and the Artisan team, handling every detail in turnkey fashion, made working with them a pleasure. Ultimately, the most important thing is that our client was thrilled with the quality of the prints and how they really pop in the rooms.” - Mark Laverman, Executive Director of Branding & Advertising, Six Degrees

In the end, all 2,356 prints were delivered on time and exceeded expectations. 

From interior design for hotels to environmental graphics for casinos, handmade Artisan fine art printing services help leave a lasting impression on guests (and our clients).

To learn more about our hospitality printing solutions, contact us today.