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Direct Mail Marketing Advantages: How to Use It for Your Next Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing Advantages: How to Use It for Your Next Campaign

Think about the watch on your wrist or the weekly planner on your desk. Both items have defied the digital takeover due to their ability to provide something digital technology can’t fully replicate.

Similarly, direct mail has proven its enduring relevance in a digitally saturated world due to its physical nature. In the face of intensified competition for attention, digital fatigue, increased costs, and privacy concerns, businesses are relying on direct mail marketing to reach target audiences.  

A 2023 study found that more than half of all direct mail campaigns in 2023 were launched by newcomers to the channel, illustrating a significant trend toward physical marketing methods.

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned direct mail veteran, this article is your go-to guide for making an impact with modern direct mail marketing.

The Enduring Strength of Direct Mail Marketing 

artisan-colour-web-engagement-rate-benchmarksPeople have been bombarded with emails, social media ads, pop-ups, and ad-infested websites for years.

As a result, the sheer volume of digital advertising has led to digital fatigue, distrust, and privacy concerns that have diluted the impact of digital marketing efforts.

  • 75% of consumers experience digital fatigue.
  • 77% of businesses said they will reduce digital media spending due to eroding trust in social media.
  • 85% of marketers are adjusting their digital marketing budgets due to data privacy concerns — and of those, 76% have opted to reallocate their budget to direct mail.  

This is precisely why businesses are leveraging direct mail marketing to engage target audiences in ways digital channels are currently struggling with.

  • Businesses across all industries increased direct mail spend by an average of 13% in 2023.
  • 76% of marketers reported higher conversion rates through direct mail compared to other channels in 2023.
  • Businesses reported a 27% increase in direct mail-generated revenue in 2023.  

    While direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels, successful campaigns aren’t rooted in sending thousands of generic postcards addressed to "Current Residents."

Successful direct mail campaigns are personalized using modern, data-driven digital printing technologies.  

How to Create Personalized Direct Mail Campaigns  

One of the biggest trends in print marketing over the past few years has been personalization.

  • 93% of businesses saw an increase in revenue when they focused on an advanced personalization strategy.
  • 85% of consumers say personalization makes them more likely to open direct mail.

Personalization is a pivotal component of successful direct mail campaigns, as it significantly enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts by driving higher engagement and response rates. For example, just adding a recipient’s first name to a direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%.

direct-mail-marketing-personalization-artisan-colourHowever, personalization requires personal information (a.k.a. customer data), and there is a fundamental connection between data quality and the success of a direct mail campaign.

Businesses with a deep understanding of their target audiences and customer base can leverage a modern digital printing technology called variable data printing to hyper-target and personalize their direct mail campaigns.

Variable data printing uses data from your CRM to tailor each mail piece to the individual recipient or audience segment.

It’s important to remember that variable data printing allows for the personalization of much more than just the recipient’s first name. Names, text, special offers, images, and designs can be changed from one printed piece to the next.

For example, a real estate agent could use variable data printing to send a hyper-targeted direct mail lead gen campaign to potential clients in different neighborhoods, customizing each mailer with local market statistics, available property listings, and personalized greetings based on the recipient's name and address.

Data-Driven Direct Mail Marketing and Mailing Lists

In a perfect marketing world, it would be easy to gather and maintain comprehensive data on target audiences and current customers. However, gathering and maintaining such data can be a major challenge.

For businesses looking to leverage personalized direct mail marketing but lacking customer data or audience details, there are strategies to overcome these data gaps.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by USPS that allows businesses to send direct mail campaigns to every address within a specified geographic area without needing specific names or addresses.

For businesses entering new markets, EDDM offers an efficient way to introduce their brand to local communities. This localized approach is often more effective than broad, non-targeted advertising, as it reaches potential customers near the business.

Even without specific customer data, businesses can tailor their mail content based on the general demographics or characteristics of the target area.

For example, a car dealership can use EDDM to hyper-target its direct mail campaign based on neighborhood demographics. For neighborhoods with a high percentage of families, the mailers can feature kid-friendly vehicles and content showcasing the safety features of the vehicle. For neighborhoods in more urban areas, the mailers can emphasize the benefits of electric and compact vehicles, such as fuel efficiency and ease of city parking.

It’s important to note that EDDM targets residential geographic areas rather than individual recipients.

Mailing lists, on the other hand, provide precise targeting and personalization for businesses aiming to reach specific audiences, offering more precision compared to EDDM’s broader, area-based marketing approach.

Mailing Lists

Though more expensive than EDDM, mailing lists are often created through market research and customer data analysis, and give businesses insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Since mailing lists include specific recipient data–such as names, gender, age,  interests, purchasing behavior, income,  occupation, industry, and other details–they can be sorted, mined, and leveraged with specific intent.

Businesses can segment mailing lists based on customer demographics, purchase history, or buying behavior to tailor their direct mail marketing campaigns to diverse audience groups. For example, a business selling outdoor gear might print different catalogs for urban versus rural areas.

Whether leveraging in-house data, EDDM, or purchased mailing lists, the most successful direct mail campaigns require a strategic, data-driven, and personalized approach–and the experts at Artisan Colour are here to help. 

High-Performance Direct Mail Marketing with Artisan Colour

At Artisan Colour, we specialize in creating hyper-targeted, data-driven direct mail campaigns that build brands and generate revenue. Our comprehensive suite of direct mail services includes everything from mailpiece design and printing to addressing, inserting, tracking, and delivery. Our expertise extends to specialized areas, like personalized direct mail, variable data printing, mailing list management, and strategic omnichannel solutions.

As one of the nation’s top print, direct mail, and color management partners for brands like Neiman Marcus, Patagonia, and Sundance, Artisan Colour has continuously invested in innovative solutions and expanded our service offerings to meet the demands of modern business.

Today, our service offerings include:  

  • Print Services: Marketing collateral, catalogs, branded packaging, vehicle wraps, personalized printing, and specialty printing.
  • Signage and Branding: Business signage, wall and window graphics, indoor and outdoor banners, trade shows and events, retail displays, and wall wraps.
  • Marketing Fulfillment: Web-to-print, warehousing and storage, inventory management, kitting and assembly, and promotional products.
  • Digital Asset Management: Prepress, premedia, online image libraries, photography, graphic design, image retouching, and color management. 

While our suite of services has expanded over the years, Artisan Colour’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship remains unchanged—ever driven by the artisan ethos that marked our beginnings.

Contact our team today to launch your next direct mail campaign.