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5 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience with Restaurant Graphics

5 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience with Restaurant Graphics

As a new business or when opening a new location – one of the most important details to handle is to ensure you attract new customers. For start-ups or businesses that have not gone through a large-scale branding process before, creating a memorable customer experience is daunting.

Restaurant graphics for any food establishment need to convey the right atmosphere and creating an environment that makes a statement can be hard. From procuring graphic design to getting quality prints that turn out the way you want, there are many ways for new businesses to differentiate their brand. Below, are five steps that you can take to help your business succeed!

Getting the Word Out with Full-Service Printing Solutions

Recently, we worked with the new Phoenix restaurant Monroe’s Hot Chicken and graphic designer Dustin Revella to design, print, and install restaurant graphics that really make this location STAND OUT. When the customer enters, they know they’ve arrived at someplace new and different – and that, along with the amazing food – makes them memorable.

Here’s how we did it – and how you can stand out with excellent commercial print products that enhance your branding.

1. Opening a New Business: How to Attract Attention

Get their attention with meaningful advertising.  

For Monroe’s Hot Chicken, a big part of this was having killer graphics and branding that could be used on all mediums of advertising, from exterior signage to Instagram posts.

Once customers came inside, the restaurant graphics created a space that was visually memorable. By increasing brand engagement in the restaurant, the team hoped to increase repeat business.

An important step in this process is to ensure your project is handled by pros. Having a team that can work seamlessly together to manage your project from inspiration to installation will save you time and aggravation.

On the print side, be sure to work with someone who can offer guidance and provide innovative printing processes to ensure your branded space is unique.

2. Create Your Space with Restaurant Graphics

Work with print experts to design a space that supports your brand’s vision. 

When it came to Monroe’s Hot Chicken, vibrant colors and an edgy look and feel was the starting point. But how do you bring it to life? When you bring your graphic designs to Artisan Colour, you get more than just a brilliantly printed version of them. Our Artisans can help you decide on substrate, placement, and size for each piece.

Showing clients examples of different materials and explaining their various merits is one of the ways the Artisan team helps you create your space. You may have your heart set on canvas wall art, but for high traffic areas metal prints that can be cleaned and sanitized might make more sense.

With years in the business, we know the trade tips and tricks of fitting signs in spaces correctly and how to install them for the best possible effect. We jumped in to do so with Monroe’s Hot Chicken.

3. Consistency and Quality Control

Design consistency leads to brand consistency. The more frequently you can place a graphic or image in front of customers, the more recognizable and memorable you become to them.

Graphic designer Dustin came up with fantastic branding for Monroe’s Hot Chicken. It was important to both him and the restaurant owner that this branding be applied consistently in all situations. They wanted fire truck red and the deepest black in their branding, and for each iteration to look the same.

Artisan’s print practices make it possible to achieve this kind of consistent printing every time. With the hands-on attention for each print project and G7 expert certification, we can regulate quality and catch any deviance in ink color or print sharpness before it leaves the press, right in our Scottsdale, Arizona location.

Artisan created a printed swatch for Dustin to review and approve colors and resolution. Once approved, that exact press proof was the master swatch to guide us through the run. This created an extra level of quality control. Each printed panel was compared to the swatch after coming off the press. Color consistency and photo resolution were verified.

4. High-Contact Restaurant Graphics

Make sure graphics are built to last in your environment. 

Monroe’s Hot Chicken also wanted to make sure some of the graphics that customers would have more interaction with—like floor stickers—would remain resilient even under a constant onslaught of traffic.

Part of printing these materials is helping clients visualize how they will function in their space. Where will customers’ eyes naturally go when they look for information? What materials withstand a lot of foot traffic?

Artisan was able to provide information regarding each type of material used for these high-contact graphics. Having vast expert experience with these materials lets us guide customers through these decisions.

In 2020, floor sticker graphics became especially important as businesses needed a way to safely direct customers around a space. But these practical pieces of art are there to stay, providing directional and informational text, as well as images for customers at restaurants, stores, schools, and more.

5. Trust the Process

Good communication helps build trust in the process – make sure your print partners keep you updated.

Make sure your printer provides feedback and guidance throughout the process. Coordination is key and helps build trust. For the Monroe’s Hot Chicken project, the owners were relieved to get our input and they trusted the production process when they saw how we could ensure quality across the project.

We continued providing guidance to graphic designer Dustin Revella Photography & Design for installation. Once the Artisan-printed Dibond boards were assembled by him, we ordered and installed corner supports. We kept in close contact with the installation staff and coordinated the project timeline, handling challenges and questions as they arose.

With a project like this, it is important for Artisan to see it through to the end. Once the installation was complete, the entire team met at the restaurant for a site survey and final walk-through.

Ultimately, we provide more than just in-house production — we manage the complexities of a project and ensure that our work has been installed correctly.

Monroes1-construction-wall-paper-photo-600x800 IMG_9389-600x800

Ready to Work with Artisan?

IMG_9401-600x450At Artisan, we want to see your business grow. Our decades of experience finding print solutions for clients speaks for itself.  We’re more than print providers; we’re business growth partners ready to help you through our unique and innovative print solutions.

Want to see Artisan’s work in person? Monroe’s Hot Chicken is now open in Tempe’s The Watermark. At the “best of Nashville in downtown Phoenix,” you’ll find both Nashville-style hot chicken and made-in-Arizona high-quality restaurant graphics. Look for the wallpaper wrap mural and Dibond fine art prints from Artisan installed at the site.

Work with Artisan Colour when you need to find printing solutions to the challenges you face. We don’t stop at pulling it off the press—when you work with Artisan, you have a partner who will go the extra mile.

Contact us to learn more about our commercial printing solutions for your restaurant graphics challenges.