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What is the G7 Method: The Significance in Color Management Services

What is the G7 Method: The Significance in Color Management Services

G7 is a printing calibration methodology with the goal that all printing has a predictable and consistent final color hue and appearance. G7 has become the modern standard for print calibration and device-to-device consistency. If accurate color printing is essential, then you should only accept G7 printing.

Who Created the G7 Printing Method?

Don Hutcheson, chairman of IDEAlliance GRACoL (International Digital Enterprise Alliance, General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography) is credited with being the principal architect of the G7 method in 2006.

IDEAlliance is a global association of brands, printers, and technology companies leading the development of specifications and certifications for the graphic communications industry. At the time new printing technologies and the growing need for accurate color representation – both on screens as well as on paper – helped spur widespread recognition and adoption of the G7 method.

The mission of IDEAlliance is to “improve efficiency, lower costs, and enhance quality across the supply chain”. Essentially, IDEAlliance aims to jointly support printers and their clients to achieve consistent print reproduction results to save time and money. Visit the IDEAlliance website to learn more.

G7 Expert Certification: Color Management Services

“G7 Experts are individuals certified and licensed by IDEAlliance as proven leaders in print production and global standards”. IDEAlliance website 

To fulfill their mission, IDEAlliance offers G7 Expert Certification. Artisan takes pride in our long history of high-quality color management services, offering a diverse suite of commercial printing services with consistent results so we are excited to announce that Artisan’s resident Color Manager, Frankie DeAnda, recently received certification as a G7 Expert by IDEAlliance.

Frankie became a Certified G7 Expert by completing intensive classroom-based training and a certification exam. A G7 Expert such as Frankie is highly skilled in color management, process, and quality control. G7 training includes color specifications and print analysis, with the intent of creating a set standard with repeatable, predictable results. Read more about the G7 Expert Certification here.

According to the IDEAlliance website, G7 Experts are taught and certified in:

  • > Color consistency – no matter the substrate or print medium
    > Branding consistency – maintaining their client’s brand image and print production requirements
    > Modern printing techniques – measurable cost reductions relating to production cost
    > Efficient printers – quantifiable reductions in waste and improvement of the product(s) to market speed

“For 22 years Frankie DeAnda has been Artisan’s Color Manager. He’s kept us tightly color calibrated through each industry advance from SWOP/GRACoL and evolving to the modern application of the G7. As president of Artisan Colour I asked Frankie upon completion of his G7 training ‘what should we be doing differently’? He chuckled and simply said, ‘nothing’. I wasn’t surprised in the least as I knew he implemented the G7 methodology years ago as the process surfaced in our industry. Obtaining G7 certification was a mere formality for him that our team requested he accomplish on behalf of the organization. Well done Frankie, we are so proud of you and thanks for keeping Artisan at the top of it’s field!” Doug Bondon, President & Founding Partner, Artisan Colour

How G7 Certification meets your printing needs

Planning to start showing off some of your new marketing materials but worried that they’ll come out dull or off-brand?

Our expert Color Management systems augment Artisan’s diverse offering of prepress and commercial printing services. We strive to elevate your brand by guiding customers to the custom print options that best fit your needs.


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