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Environmental Graphics Printing Make an Impact at Gila River Casinos

Environmental Graphics Printing Make an Impact at Gila River Casinos

When customers are in a location where many people gather, it’s important to connect them to that space. That’s exactly what environmental graphics printing does. From simple to larger than life, environmental graphics and signage can help customers feel as if they’re immersed in a brand’s story.

Arizona-Cardinals-Football-Helmet-Environmental-Graphics-Printing-Display-at-Gila-River-400x533 Arizona-Cardinals-Environmental-Graphics-Printing-of-Mascot-at-Gila-River-400x533 4-sided-display-cube-for-advertising-at-Gila-400x533

Artisan Colour has worked with businesses across Arizona to provide unique and thrilling spaces for their guests. As an example of how Artisan Colour can partner with businesses to launch consumer campaigns and make a huge impact on their target market, we’re highlighting our recent work with Gila River Casinos as one of their preferred printers. On two different campaigns, we were able to make a huge difference for this client, as well as for their customers.

Gila River Casino’s Sports HQ Comes Alive

A sports bar can take on a life of its own. With games all around, customers are in the middle of the action. Why not enhance that experience with some amazing graphics?

That’s just what Gila River Casino did in the newly updated Sports HQ at Vee Quiva Casino. We printed the design on G3 floor mat vinyl. This transformed an average bar floor into an Arizona Cardinals football field—complete with end zones and all of the markings. Customers can now #playatGila on a non-adhesive 12’x22’ football field as they’re watching a game. They could even act out a gameplay; that’s how big the flooring is.

Environmental-Graphics-Printing-of-Arizona-Cardinals-Football-Field-for-floor-at-Gila-400x300 Arizona-Cardinals-Center-Field-Floor-Football-Field-for-Gila-Environmental-Graphics-Printing-400x300 Artisan-Environmental-Graphics-Printing-Floor-Football-Field-for-Gila-400x300

Creating a Hockey Rink with Adhesive Floor Vinyl Environmental Graphics

And if football isn’t what the customer desires, how about hockey? Floor Appeal adhesive floor vinyl is scuff-resistant environmental graphics printing with a strong adhesive that adheres to carpets as well as vinyl or tile, making it perfect for Sports HQ’s hockey rink. The one we installed was recently used to showcase a Nissan SUV right inside the casino, so you know it’s tough.

Hockey-Rink-Floor-Environmental-Graphic-at-Gila-600x450 image4

Get Your Game On: Frosted Cut Vinyl Window Decals

In addition, frosted cut vinyl decals were put on the windows during the football season to transform the space. These include the Cardinals’ logo as well as outlines of football players.


Environmental Graphics Printing Makes a Statement for #YouDoYou

Over in the Wild Horse Pass casino, environmental graphics printing has created a focal point. As part of the Reclaim What’s Yours Campaign, #YouDoYou signage envelopes customers from every angle. With a campaign and graphics developed by OH Partners, and printed by Artisan, the installation made a huge impact. The escalators and bulkhead are wrapped with the slogans. A 20’ wall mural brings the campaign to life. And various die-cut slot toppers resonate the theme throughout the casino. This branding approach has come to life with the help of environmental graphics and signage. Talk about creating a statement!

youdoyou-reclaim-whats-yours-panel-display-sign-at-Gila-300x217-1 you-do-you-campaign-environmental-graphics-for-escalator-side-300x225 environmental-graphics-printing-displayed-on-wall-at-Gila-by-Artisan-Colour-300x225

Artisan Colour Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Whether you are looking to create an immersive experience that transports customers to another place or just want to ensure they get your message, Artisan Colour has a solution. With larger-than-life environmental graphics printing, we can create the perfect experience for your brand.

Just as we partnered with Gila River Casinos on these two projects, we are ready to create something just as spectacular for your company or organization. Environmental graphics and signage help connect customers to a space in a way smaller images just can’t.

Wondering what else you can do with life-size graphics? How about wall murals, custom displays, exhibitions, or public installations? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us today to get started