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3 Ways Custom Wall Graphics and Indoor Signs Can Elevate Your Brand

3 Ways Custom Wall Graphics and Indoor Signs Can Elevate Your Brand

If you’re a business owner, you want your business to stand for something in the hearts and minds of your customers. The ideal situation is for customers see a color, logo, ad, signage, and wall graphics that remind them of how your products or services positively impact their lives.

You may not have given much thought to the signage inside your buildings, but they matter as much as your high-cost brochures and ads that represent your brand. Plus, they serve other important  purposes that may not be immediately evident.

Let’s dig into 3 reasons why interior signs for businesses are so incredibly important.

1. Custom Indoor Signs and Wall Graphics Unify Your Brand

As mentioned earlier, creating common themes or designs across all visual design elements helps to define a brand. These elements help shape perceptions about your company and can give you a foothold in the market.

To maintain this competitive edge, unify every visual item that identifies your business that customers will encounter. If the elements aren’t cohesive, it can create confusion and doubt in your customers’ minds – which can eventually lead to a disconnect.

When a disconnect occurs, your competitive edge, authority, and foothold in the marketplace are in peril.

You may have already thought about making exterior signage cohesive with your brand, but interior business signs  can easily be overlooked. Include them in your brand planning!

Custom brand-cohesive signage offers customers an immersive experience when they visit your corporate offices and other properties.

2. Simplify Navigation with Interior Business Signs

When customers enter your building for the first time, you have an opportunity to set a great first impression. If your customers feel lost in a maze of beige walls, it makes for a bad customer experience.

Create clear and strategic directional signage to help visitors find their way around.

Orientation maps with fun and meaningful graphics ensure a pleasant and stress-free experience for your visitors, thereby creating another reason for customers to love your brand.

For larger facilities like hospitals or universities, creating a strategy for engaging wayfinding wall graphics does more than help guide the way – it enhances the experience for guests.

3. Connect Exterior and Digital Design Elements with Interior Signs

Strengthen brand cohesion and navigation at the same time by streamlining customers’ exterior and interior experience.

It’s not unusual for exterior and interior signage to look like they were designed by two different companies. That may be because the signage was purchased from different vendors or the teams that were responsible for the signage serve different purposes in the organization, i.e. marketing and facilities planning.

Don’t treat your online presence differently than your wall signage. Customers going from online to a brick-and-mortar building must have a cohesive impression.

Effectively brand the interior signage, exterior signs, and online presence so visitors will experience your property in the same positive way.


Ideas for Unique Business Signs and Custom Wall Graphics

If you want to infuse some creativity into your wall designs, here are a few ways to add something unexpected while keeping your brand cohesive:

  • Digital Signs: Change up the design or message as they are needed with one or more digital signs in strategic spots, like a busy lobby. Announcements like awards, new releases, even season’s greetings can provide a way for visitors to connect with you.
  • Vinyl Graphics: Cover a plaque or wall with branded vinyl graphic stickers to create fun, inspiration, or a simple reminder of your logo, character, or tagline.
  • Large Lobby Signs: Set a happy tone by greeting visitors with a lobby sign that welcomes them, reminds them of your mission statement, or simply expresses gratitude for their visit.

Work one-on-one with with a dedicated design and print expert to create unique business signs that showcase your brand.

How to Find the Best Custom Interior Signage and Wall Graphics

Great interior signage is a must. Choose a partner with experience in crafting custom graphics and signs that align with your brand, creating memorable moments that connect with customers.

How do you go about doing that?

Here are some questions to ask business signage companies to help you get the most from your signage spend:

  • > What is their experience?
    > What is their process?
    > Do they offer free consultations?
    > Do they focus on your needs?
    > Site visit analysis is a must
    > Do they have quality control checks throughout the process?
    > Can they supply referrals?
    > Do they have a portfolio?
    > Do they have a variety of signs?
    > Can they create brand cohesive signs?
    > Have they worked in a wide variety of industries or your industry?
    > What’s their track record?
    > Do they have a lot of satisfied customers? (Hint – check testimonials)
    > What do customers say – are they on time? Do they deliver quality?
    > How long have they have been in business?
  • These are all questions our team of Artisans are happy to answer. Contact us today to get more information.