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How to Maximize ROI for Your Event Using Wide Format Printing Services

Looking to level up your branding efforts for your next trade show or big event? With wide format printing services, you can create custom graphics that will help draw visitors to your event and create an elevated experience for your guests. 

Any large event can benefit from wide format printing, which is used to create signage that can’t help but show off your brand. Both services also aid in bringing your event advertising together into a cohesive print marketing campaign. 

Artisan Colour’s work on Pangaea’s Jurassic Fight Night is a great example of how wide format printing services can enhance large event branding while maximizing ROI. 

What Is Wide Format Printing? 

Wide format printing involves the printing of designs and graphics onto materials including vinyl, fabric, rigid boards, and other substrates. This format enables it to be printed on a grand scale while still maintaining high definition and resolution, accurate color matching, and optimal picture clarity. 

Large format printers create print products in a variety of shapes and sizes. Larger printed products, often utilized to draw attention and inform, work especially well in conjunction with small format marketing materials to keep the event, organizers, or sponsors at the top of each attendee’s mind. 

What Events Can Benefit from Wide Format Printing Services? 

Wide format printing services can be used for many different types of events, including: 

  • > Trade Shows 
    > Festivals 
    > Community events
    > Corporate & Private events
    > Pop-up events
    > Weddings
    > Campaign events 

For example, wide format printing can be used to create banners, posters, and even window wraps that invite visitors into a community event or trade show, then guide them in the right direction. Printing services also create informative posters and signage for important events, such as campaign rallies and blood drives.  

How Can You Brand an Event with Wide Format Printing? 

Event branding is a collection of tools that introduce your brand and build awareness during an in-person event. This is accomplished in a myriad of strategies, like unique logo designs or through a brand-specific color scheme. One of the best ways to build a cohesive brand presence is to create custom signage products using wide format printing services. 

Wide format printing is a type of large-format printing with a width capacity ranging from 20 to 120 inches – or ten feet. With the advanced functionality to create products with such span, wide format printing is often used to create event signage such as banners, posters, and trade show graphics. 

Signs with eye-catching graphics and bold colors attract attention to your event and encourage people to visit. Once they arrive, large format printing products then inform attendees of what kinds of activities and opportunities they can take advantage of. 

Wide Format Printing for Pangaea’s Jurassic Fight Night 

Jurassic Fight Night is an event that took place in Glendale, AZ, where excited audiences watch dinosaurs battle in a boxing ring. The complete production featured three fights (each with multiple two-minute rounds) between a variety of prehistoric characters. The popular event, held in Gila River Arena, drew a huge crowd of kids and adults alike.  

To create event signage, sales collateral, and more, Pangaea enlisted the help of Artisan Colour’s wide format printing services.  

First, sales collateral was created with the Jurassic Fight Night logo, event dates, and website. To encourage attendance, the printed flyers also featured an exclusive discount and scannable QR code. 

To enhance the event, Artisan Colour created and installed bright, eye-catching signage (including hanging banners, posters, and banner stands) that filled the epic arena. Artisan also helped with the ring floor decal and wrap that was hung around the boxing ring, featuring the names of some of the dinosaur boxing champions.  

By using Artisan Colour’s wide format printing services, Pangaea was able to boost its branding efforts and capture the fun energy of their Jurassic Fight Night event. 

Here's how wide format printing services can maximize your ROI:  

  • > Wide format printing, a method involving the application of graphics onto substantial substrates or materials, proves to be an instrumental tool in enhancing your event's visual impact.
    > Wide format printing is beneficial for many different types of events, such as community events, festivals, and trade shows. 
    > Large format prints foster a unified brand design, providing a visually appealing and memorable experience.
    > Large-format printers play a pivotal role in crafting impactful signage that serves to attract and captivate event attendees, contributing to the overall success of the occasion.
    > Depending on the substrate, some trade show booths, banners, and signs are so durable that they can be reused, furthering the ROI while decreasing waste. 
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5 Tips to Elevate Your Next Event 

1.  Start Marketing Early: Whether you’re relying on social media or paid advertisements, getting the word out about your event beforehand is essential. This is also a great time to start brainstorming and conceptualizing your overall brand experience. 

2.  Create an Online Presence: Although the majority of your branding efforts will take place during your event, giving your event an online presence (like a well-designed website and social media ads) can help you maximize results. Make sure your experience is user-friendly from start to finish. 

3.  Attract Attendees Early On: Large signage and accessories that show off your brand persona and inform visitors about your event are an ideal way to attract and engage attendees as soon as possible. 

4.  Use Consistent Branding: Every product created for your event should follow the branding guidelines: the same color scheme, fonts, and graphic design style to create a more cohesive experience. This ranges from large format items like signage, all the way down to printed sales and marketing collateral items like brochures and business cards. 

5.  Invest in Small Details: Branding is just as important for small details as it is for big-ticket items. When creating smaller products for your event (i.e. napkins, flyers, and even nametags), be sure to keep them on brand. 

Let Artisan Colour Help You Make the Most of Your Next Event 

No matter what large event you’re planning, vibrant, high-quality graphics will help to attract customers, disseminate information about your event, and increase your return on investment. Artisan Colour creates customized large-format printing products that run the gamut, including booths for trade shows, display signage, window wraps, and even promotional products like pens, table covers, and shirts. 

The process is simple and easy. After sharing your event design ideas, request a free quote and receive feedback from design experts. After all, the designs have been printed and finished, we also provide professional installation services. 

With over 20 years of experience, our expert printers and designers work with you through each step of the event-planning process to guarantee that your products stand out! Contact us today to get started