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How to Win Over Clients and Employees With Business Wall Graphics

Business wall graphics can accentuate your organization’s values and promote products (and sales) while creating a sense of space, unity, and motivation. Creating a winning environment is simple with the help of thoughtful designers and experienced printers.

Set the Tone With Your Office Wall Graphics

The right graphics can visually translate what a company does and how it does it. Add timelines of your company history and images of key products, so clients or prospects can get a positive impression of your business. Promoting new products or customer service lines can also help to increase sales by educating visitors.

wall-graphics-vivid-2-artisan-colour-e1540335257784-400x457 wall-graphics-vivid-1-artisan-colour-e1540335214976-400x457

Business wall and window graphics, coupled with powerful company signs, can further enhance your brand. With a wide variety of corporate wall graphics styles, industry professionals committed to executing excellent work can help you realize your vision.

Use inspirational wall graphics to create a motivational environment for your employees and help set the right tone for your corporate office. Business wall graphics can motivate employees, enhance their satisfaction, and make them more productive. Be sure to collaborate with a print designer so you can zero in on your vision and create the space you want.

3 Ways to Inspire Clients and Employees through Business Wall Decals

1. Entryway Graphics

Use a wall decal for business entryways to greet your customers and establish a welcoming and informative presence. Not only does it let them know they are in the right place, but it reinforces brand recognition at a crucial moment.

2. Business Wall with Branded Graphics

Likewise, branded graphics throughout the space, like your office logo on the wall, can make for a memorable customer experience. Let your customers associate your brand with a specific place and feeling, which you can enhance with unique wall graphics.

Dibond-brushed-aluminum-metal-signage-by-Artisan-Colour-for-Lexington-Law-255x170 plexiglass-signage-printed-by-Artisan-Colour-for-Lexington-Law-255x170 wall-mural-wrap-printed-by-Artisan-Colour-for-Lexington-Law-255x170

3. Common Area Business Wall Décor

Spaces where employees gather also beg for the engagement of corporate wall art. Create an enjoyable space and offer motivation, encouragement, and easy-to-read rules for consistent performance with high-quality graphics.

1174-856-max-Lexington-Law-Dibond-metal-sign-by-Artisan-Colour-600x450 1280-960-max-Lexington-Law-Pop-Banner-and-Table-Throws-by-Artisan-Colour-Printing-Partners-600x450

Provide Information at a Glance with Business Wall Graphics

Graphics can easily provide information at a glance. From directions to careful safety instructions, using wall or floor graphics to communicate with visitors and staff at different junctures of your campus or location is a smart move.

ASU-Spring-2021-Forum-Vinyl-Wall-Wrap-400x300 ASU-PBS-Broadcast-Station-Artisan-Colour-frosted-vinyl-for-the-logo-on-the-doors-1-400x300 ASU-Wall-Mural-400x300

You can also include more detailed information, especially in areas where clients may be waiting. Create graphics with interesting facts about your company or company values to engage clients and help them learn more about your brand.

For businesses that incorporate some type of historical or sight-seeing element, these wall graphics can be invaluable, especially in areas where a guide may not always be present.

Corporate Wall Graphics Case Study: The Allied Group Sales Project

Recent work with Allied Group Sales on their corporate wall graphics resulted in an impactful new training room design that inspires customers and clients who visit the organization.

Allied is an electrical and lighting manufacturer’s representative sales agency. With over 20 years of sales performance in the Southwest, it has home bases in Albuquerque, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada. President and CEO Tim Klei emphasized the importance of this Southwestern heritage when he met with Artisan Colour to design a theme for the company’s training room.

Allied-Training-Room-Before-Corporate-Wall-Graphics-web-400x300 Allied-Training-Room-Before-web-400x300 Training-Room-for-Allied-before-corporate-wall-graphics-installed-by-Artisan-Colour-web-400x300

During an initial consultation between Klei and Artisan’s Kristiane Trejo, the two recognized a clear synergy in their vision for the space. Trejo set to work designing custom office wall graphics to breathe personality and inspiration into the space.

Design Matters for Custom Business Decals

Artisan Colour has several in-house designers who are brought onto projects to execute corporate wall art design elements. Tim Meyers worked on the Allied Group Sales project. Meyers brings creativity and attention to detail to each project he works on, particularly when incorporating pieces of art from different sources. He specializes in creating cohesive themes.

In this case, his training room design theme centers around what Allied does and how it gets it done. After meeting with Klei to collaborate on design details, Meyers pulled together several facets of Allied’s key themes to incorporate into its business wall graphics.

In Allied’s finished training room, the refreshment wall features shots of each city it calls home. The Lighting & Controls wall features a 2D visualization of its lighting projects in action, labeled with branding for each of its suppliers. Location, Suppliers, and Allied clients all have a place in this wall graphics printing project.

Lighting-and-Controls-Corporate-Wall-Graphics-Training-Room-wall-at-Allied-600x491 Allied-Refreshment-Wall-after-Corporate-wall-graphics-installed-by-Artisan-Colour-web-600x491

Corporate Wall Graphics Company with Start-to-Finish Support

Providing start-to-finish support is an important aspect of any successful print project. Artisan collaborated with the installation team at MacDowell Design to install the finished Allied Group projects over a weekend with minimal disruption to the workplace during business hours.

With minimal disruption to the workplace during business hours, the printing project was finished in time for employees to be wowed Monday morning. Even with complicated wall dimensions that included hanging print projects around cabinets, doorways and other architectural features, Allied, Artisan Colour and MacDowell Design came together to pull off this impressive training room design.

AGS_ProPunch_SouthWall-600x491 AGS_ProPunch_SE_Corner-600x491

“From my first contact with Artisan, the responsiveness was second to none and the professionalism was exactly what I was hoping for. Kristiane and Tim worked nonstop using their own creativity and the incredible technology at Artisan to deliver the design we envisioned. From our initial meeting through final installation the experience was one I would certainly repeat myself and most definitely recommend to others.”  -Tim Klei, President & CEO, Allied Sales Group

How Can You Achieve the Best Corporate Wall Graphics?

Consider which parts of your location could be enhanced with business wall decals, like Allied did with their training room. From entrances to employee break rooms, cohesive design can lead to an engaging environment.

The Artisan Colour Difference

Choosing Artisan Colour as your corporate wall graphics company means embracing personalized service, creative prowess, and unmatched professionalism. From the initial consultation to the expert hanging of your final project, Artisan Colour offers continuous support and tailored solutions at every step.

Contact us today to see what Artisan Colour can do for you.