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How To Take Print-on-Demand to the Next Level For Your Business

Imagine this: you’re sitting at your desk, staring at your content ideas, wondering how you’re ever going to get it from your computer to the hands of your clients. It’s already 7 pm, so there’s no one to call for help. You need a plan to design, template, warehouse and distribute you print marketing – all from one spot.

Enter: your personalized print-on-demand portal for marketing teams. It helps you take digital content – text or full-fledged files – and quickly manages the commercial print production process. The result is a professional print shop at the fingertips of every small business owner and entrepreneur. Now you can design, warehouse, and distribute your print marketing easily – all from one spot.

What Is Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand just describes the process of taking digital content, like text, a PDF file or JPG image file and ordering print products without the need for expensive design software or a contracted designer. As a marketer, you want to find a printing partner who can print a wide range of products at the click of a mouse, from small stickers to large posters and even apparel. Some key products include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • > Business cards
    > Flyers
    > Brochures 

  • > Promotional Items
    > Postcards
    > Greeting Cards
  • > Banners & Posters
    > Stickers
    > Magnets
  • > Catalogues & Books
    > Yard Signs

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How To Take Print-On-Demand To The Next Level

Follow these 3 rules to make the most out of your print-on-demand printing partner.

1. Find The Right Print-On-Demand Shop

The best print-on-demand companies make the whole experience quick and reliable by providing companies with key benefits:

  • > Web-to-print portal to create/manage orders
    > A wide variety of printed products
    > Workflow and marketing team integration
    > Digital asset management
    > Modern, high-quality printing technology
    > Timely delivery

A cheap solution from a less established printer can cost you time in ordering management, severely limit your printing options and produce cheap-looking marketing materials that won’t reflect well on your brand.

2. Print-On-Demand Portal and Digital Asset Management

Not all print-on-demand sites are created equal. In fact, the cheapest, poorly designed portals without a component of digital asset management can cost you a lot of time and money. Use a web-to-print portal that makes your company’s life easier. Look for portal features like:

  • Digital Asset Management – store and access files instead of re-uploading every time
  • Process Management – see the progress of your printed items and plan for storage or delivery
  • Variable Data Printing Capable – be able to personalize and customize your print products

Part of the beauty a printing partner that offers a print-on-demand site is that the portal makes ordering and management available to everyone in the organization, no matter the location. A good portal takes what was once a printing process only available to the largest organizations is now ready for graphics designers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing innovators.

3. Print A Wide Variety Of Materials In A Variety Of Ways

Just about every business has some need for quick, easy and cost-effective printing. So being able to print a wide variety of items and have a flexible process that can form-fit around your business is crucial.

While the site is ideal for those with their own concepts and files, it’s also perfect for those who need a little assistance in the design department. For most products, users have three options to choose from:

  • > Upload Design: upload your own file – EPS, AI, PSD, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF are all accepted.
    > Custom Design: use the online design studio tools to create a custom masterpiece.
    > Browse Design: select from loads of templates, then use them as-is or customize in the design studio.

Essentially, web to print streamlines the business printing process, so it is for anyone who needs print products and wants to reduce redundancy and in turn, costs.

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