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Corporate Wall Graphics, Wall Murals, and Wall Decals: What’s the Best Decor for Your Business?

Corporate Wall Graphics, Wall Murals, and Wall Decals: What’s the Best Decor for Your Business?

Does your corporate office or workspace need an aesthetic intervention?

Wall murals, graphics, and decals transform corporate office settings into spaces that inspire creativity, boost morale, and leave a lasting impression on everyone who walks through the doors.

Keep reading to learn how wall graphics can turn drab walls into masterpieces that serve multiple purposes.

Wall Graphics, Wall Murals, Wall Decals: What’s the Difference?  

Wall graphics, murals, and decals offer a world of possibilities.

Since wall graphics can vary in size and purpose, let's clarify some terminology to ensure you find the ideal solution for your desired aesthetic and functional goals.

Wall graphics is often used as a catch-all term encompassing various printed visual elements applied to the wall–including images, logos, graphics, and art. Think of the term wall graphics like the word fruit. Just as fruit encompasses terms like apples, oranges, and bananas, wall graphics often refer to various styles and designs. 
There are two main types of wall graphics.

Wall murals are the big and bold statement pieces of the wall graphics world. They typically cover large portions of a wall or the entire wall to create a dramatic focal point, tell a visual story, or establish a specific ambiance. 


Wall decals are smaller, more flexible designs used to accent larger graphics, highlight specific branding elements, or communicate essential information.


Now, here's where it gets a bit confusing.

The term, wall graphics can also refer to mid-size graphics that are bigger than wall decals, but smaller than wall murals. The term can also refer to a collection of coordinated wall decals, as seen below at Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ.  


Here's a quick and easy way to remember the different types of wall graphics:

  • Wall graphics: The general term for anything you stick on your wall for decorative or informational purposes.
  • Wall murals: Large, impactful wall graphics that cover a significant area.
  • Wall decals: Smaller wall graphics used for accents or simple designs.
  • Mid-size wall graphics: A term sometimes used to describe wall graphics that fall between the size and complexity of murals and decals, or a collection of decals. 

Now that we've got the lingo down, let's dive deeper into the world of wall graphics and show what they can do for your space.

Corporate Wall Murals for Large-Scale Impact

Wall murals are large-scale graphics that cover entire walls to set the tone and atmosphere for any space. From vibrant landscapes to abstract patterns, wall murals are highly customizable and nearly any type of image, artwork, branding, or design can be used.

This type of large-format printing is ideal for creating a bold, immersive experience and is often used in high-traffic areas like lobbies, reception areas, or hallways. Large wall murals are typically printed in multiple panels then meticulously aligned to create a seamless and visual experience. 


Wall murals are often printed on high-quality vinyl with fade-resistant UV inks to ensure their vibrant colors stay sharp over time. Their adhesive backing is ideal for smooth, non-porous surfaces–such as drywall. They can also be applied to wood, stone, concrete, and other surfaces.

Here are just a few of the many ways wall murals are used to enhance corporate spaces.

  • Large-scale murals in the lobby or reception area to create a memorable first impression for visitors.  
  • Wall murals in break rooms establish a relaxing and rejuvenating environment for employees.
  • Conference room murals that inspire creativity and collaboration, like writable surfaces integrated into the mural’s design.
  • Historical timelines in hallways, stairwells, and corridors to showcase the history and evolution of a business.
  • In product showrooms, murals can be used to create immersive environments that highlight product features and benefits.
  • Large-scale murals on the exterior walls of a business can serve as a landmark and attract attention from passersby.

Due to their size, it’s best to work with a professional printer who is well-versed in the nuances of large-format printing projects to ensure color accuracy, high quality, and proper mural installation. 

Wall Graphics and Wall Decals for Subtle Yet Effective Branding

Wall graphics and decals offer more flexible and subtle solutions for enhancing corporate offices. Their size can range from a few inches to a few feet, making them ideal for showcasing the personality of a brand, wayfinding, or communicating important information. 


Here are some of the ways they can be used.

  • Department-centric identities and branding, such as a marketing department with creative and colorful graphics.
  • Conference room decor that inspires creativity and collaboration, such as vision statements or industry-related imagery.
  • Reception area or lobby graphics can include the company logo, a visually appealing design, or a combination of both to make a strong first impression on visitors and clients.
  • Health and safety reminders, such as handwashing reminders in restrooms or social distancing markers in common areas, to remind employees of health and safety protocols.
  • Directions and wayfinding graphics to help new employees and visitors find their way around.
  • Inspirational and motivational quotes such as our favorite quote here at Artisan Colour from Henry Ford, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Wall graphics and decals are also ideal for businesses that have temporary design needs or want to make frequent or seasonal updates, such as:

  • Temporary event signage highlighting event sponsors or providing directions during corporate events. These decals are easy to remove after the event.
  • Employee recognition on a "Wall of Fame" where outstanding employees are recognized. This can be updated regularly to highlight team members' achievements and contributions.

Corporate Case Study: Before and After Wall Graphics

Here’s a closer look at how wall graphics can transform the look and feel of corporate offices.

Allied Group Sales is a leading electrical and lighting manufacturer’s representative headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

When the team at Allied wanted to elevate their training room with an impactful design that inspired both customers and clients, they came to the experts at Artisan Colour. During the initial consultation, Allied’s president and CEO, Tim Klei, communicated his vision for a design that would breathe personality into the space. 

Allied-Training-Room-Before-web-400x300 Allied-Training-Room-Before-Corporate-Wall-Graphics-web-400x300  

He also emphasized the importance of incorporating Allied’s decades of dedication to serving manufacturers across the Southwest.  

The result? A night and day transformative of Allied’s training room. 

Lighting-and-Controls-Corporate-Wall-Graphics-Training-Room-wall-at-Allied-600x491 Allied-Refreshment-Wall-after-Corporate-wall-graphics-installed-by-Artisan-Colour-web-600x491

“From my first contact with Artisan, the responsiveness was second to none and the professionalism was exactly what I was hoping for. From our initial meeting through final installation, the experience was one I would certainly repeat myself and most definitely recommend to others.”  –Tim Klei, President & CEO, Allied Sales Group

About Artisan Colour

Artisan Colour has helped businesses across the nation transform their workspaces since 1998.

From design to installation, our in-house team of award-winning designers and print artisans are committed to excellence. Whether you're looking for a sweeping mural that tells your brand story or a collection of decals that spark conversation, we have the expertise and passion to transform your vision into a vibrant reality.

As a full-service commercial printing and fulfillment company, we can handle more than just wall graphics. We specialize in high-quality corporate printing solutions, including:

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