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Artisan Colour Sponsors Third Scottsdale Grand Prix

Artisan Colour Sponsors Third Scottsdale Grand Prix

This is Artisan’s third year as a local Scottsdale event print sponsor of the Grand Prix of Scottsdale, and we have to say, the Grand Prix event just keeps getting better!

Humble Beginnings of the Scottsdale Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of Scottsdale was created by some friends who wanted a miniature version of the Formula One event in Monaco. Vintage Kart Co came into being in 2014, with the first race in 2015. The first race had 25 carts, with the 3rd annual maxing out at 40 cars.


“Artisan became involved with the Grand Prix of Scottsdale well before the first race ever took place in 2015. The founders of the vintage race met with Artisan to explore the idea of us becoming their print sponsor. We quickly realized this was a perfect fit for all. Being car guys ourselves, we loved the concept. And the event is Scottsdale-based, just like our business. We’ve enjoyed three years of partnership, and continue to be a part of what has quickly become one of the most exciting weekends for Scottsdale, from the gala soirée to race day!”

– Doug Bondon, Artisan CEO & President



Gatsby “Under the Stars” Gala

To kick off the weekend, Artisan employees enjoyed a night out at the Gatsby “Under the Stars” Gala. As you can see below, this was a 1920’s themed event at the Scottsdale Waterfront. The gala event featured casino games and live music, and a raffle to benefit Southwest Human Development, a local non-profit. We printed the step-and-repeat banner you see below!

2017 Grand Prix of Scottsdale

The drivers suited up for some practice racing on Saturday, and the official race began on Sunday. Our racers for this year were (left to right) Brooks, Allen, Stephane J., Brandon, and Owen.

This year, we printed event banners, finish line signs, lanyard cards (for VIP & Pit Crew), and our Artisan custom car wrap.

Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Banner_2017-255x170 Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Artisan_Car_2017-255x170

Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Race_Course_2017-255x170 Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Artisan_Racing_2017-255x170

Surrounded by Scottsdale Grand Prix fans, racers circled a one mile course, trading out drivers every few heats.

Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Artisan_Racing_1_2017-255x170 Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Artisan_Racing_1_2017-255x170 Grand_Prix_of_Scottsdale_Artisan_Racing_3_2017-255x170

Despite a few delays due to crashes on the course, it was a fun event for all!

Can’t wait to see everyone next year! And, if you’re a car aficionado, check out Vintage Kart Co.