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Polishing Products in the Artisan Colour Photography Studio

Although a professional printing company at heart, Artisan Colour offers many services that enhance the printing process and the end product. An often behind the scenes service, the professional photography studio has proven itself to be invaluable to clients, saving thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of time. And in times of crisis, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, the photo studio offers clients creative solutions to keep business moving.

From replacing products in catalogs to shooting 360-degree views of products for websites, the Artisan photographers truly work magic in the shop! See examples of the before (left) and after (right) below. 

Photogray-studio-HOL98A_Before-400x491 photography-studioHOL98A_After-400x491

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact around the globe. Health and safety remain a priority at Artisan Colour and we have put strategies in place to allow us to continue operations for our clients while focusing on the well-being of our employees.

Each week, 50% of our staff telework while the other 50% work in the Scottsdale shop. As the Photo Studio has two key photographers, this works well as one person can run the camera and studio while the other can process images remotely.

The studio setup is ideally designed to allow for both product photography and fashion photography. Clients who previously depended on the majority of sales from brick and mortar locations can turn to the photo studio for professional images to boost website sales. See examples of the before (far left) and after (far right) shots once set up in the studio. 

APRW136A_Before-250x375 APRW136A_studio-400x533 APRW136A_after-250x375

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic situation remains fluid, our Artisans in the photo studio are nimble and creative and are prepared to help clients adjust plans and processes to still deliver high quality, professional photography.

Next Level Product Photography Studio

Our photographers stay busy with a myriad of projects. One day they might be mimicking a client’s own product photography studio setup to replace an item of clothing. The next they could be getting up close and personal with a pair of wingtip shoes.

Replacing products in a catalog provides a steady stream of work. There could be a tassel added to a handbag, or the verbiage on a t-shirt changes. It’s up to the photography studio to replicate the setting that the product appears in, shoot the new product, and replace the product on the catalog page. Below, from left to right, you'll see images of before, Photography Studio 1, Photography Studio 2 and after. 

S2.S04_Dress_1IC_061_Before-300x300 S2.S04_Dress_1IC_061_Studio_1-300x300 S2.S04_Dress_1IC_061_Studio_2-300x300 S2.S04_Dress_1IC_061_After-300x300

Another studio skill is the 360-degree product image. The products sits on a slow turntable and the camera catches every angle. This brilliant product photography studio setup allows the photographers to quickly and easily capture high definition images of products to be displayed on client websites.

More Than Just Professional Photography

One of the key features of the Artisan professional photographers and photography studio is that together, they offer more than just professional photography. The studio is a one-stop-shop and the photographers double as stylists.

Steaming clothing, coiling belts, even shinning shoes… whatever is needed to make the client’s products look their best.

Occasionally, the photographers even stand in as models. Recently a client changed the border trim on a hooded sweatshirt. The client sent the new sweatshirt to the studio to be photographed and replaced in the selected catalog page. One of the photographers wore the new sweatshirt and held the exact same pose as the model. The lighting was tweaked to closely match the original, and with a little Photoshop shadowing, the new shirt dropped in seamlessly. See before (left) and after (right) images below. 

S2.F36_Hoodie_1IC_024_Before-250x375 S2.F36_Hoodie_1IC_024_After-250x375

Photography Studio on the Move

The Artisan photography studio started in a wide-open space within Artisan. With shifts in printing products and the introduction of some new cutting-edge digital printers (like ChromaLuxe white metal prints), the studio recently packed up and moved up.

Now sprawling out in a few segmented spaces, the studio and its expert photographers can organize their projects more easily and work on multiple projects simultaneously. They can also control natural light through the surrounding windows – enjoying it while they are editing and blocking it out while they are shooting.

S2.F36_Tee_1IB_023_orig-1-400x600 S2.F36_Tee_1IB_023_New-Shot-raw-1-400x600 S2.F36_Tee_1IB_023_New-Shot_Final-1-400x600