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5 Creative Retail Display Ideas for Powerful Impressions

5 Creative Retail Display Ideas for Powerful Impressions

Marketing success starts with creating an impression that connects to customers. This blog will provide five retail display ideas that will help your brand make an impact on your target customers.

When a customer is within the vicinity of your store, office, or event, you have ample opportunities to make a connection.

One of the best ways is to use retail displays with messaging that wows or delights your intended target and draws them into the possibilities your brand creates.

When successfully implemented, a good retail display will cause customers to leave with a package, gift cards, agreements, or at the very least favorable impressions that last.

Here are five key ways you can make an impression that amplifies your connection to your customers:

  1. Expand your brand outside your retail space
  2. Use retail display ideas that immerse customers into your brand’s lifestyle
  3. Invite customers to step into a new world with large format displays
  4. Convey your brand’s values with bold signage
  5. Create an upscale environment with wall murals

#1: Retail Display Ideas That Extend the Natural Pathway to Your Door

Go beyond a retail banner and get your foot and drive-by traffic to stop in its tracks by extending an inviting environment beyond your four walls. To capture more local business, create outdoor displays whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been there for decades.


This type of large format printing that creates signage and custom, permanent window wraps allows everyone in the vicinity to get a glimpse of what’s inside.

Any type of business would benefit, from a spin studio that wants to demonstrate the energy and community in their classes to an accounting or tax service that wants to convey calm, reliable professionalism and clients who are happy with the service.

We partnered with an acupuncture practice to amplify its connection with future prospective customers with an external retail display.

Graphics that share the promise of a welcoming practice environment combined with practical information, such as office hours, gives passers-by the information they need to act. Custom permanent wraps and vinyl lettering are a successful way to grab attention and encourage more people to visit your business.

Extend Your Brand Into Homes

Adding marketing collateral with the same theme offers clients and prospects reminders of the acupuncture practice, extending the retail display experience even further beyond their door.


#2: Product Display Ideas That Drive Lifestyle Experiences

Each time customers step into your store or office, your retail displays should be aligned with your brand. When a cutting-edge golfing lifestyle brand offered Artisan Colour the opportunity to translate its energetic brand into a retail display experience, the creative team at Artisan knew exactly what to do.

PXG is Bob Parsons’ latest enterprise, a golf equipment manufacturing company that is innovating club design and fashion for the committed golf fan. The team was challenged to create the “18 Ways Holiday Campaign” by translating a digital marketing campaign into in-store marketing that embraces the PXG brand.

The team sought to understand the brand, campaign goals, and consumer behavior to develop the right strategy to create a show-stopping display campaign.

Bringing a High-End Golfer’s Experience to Life

The immersive lifestyle means that shoppers can imagine themselves on the links in the most stylish outfits and clubs that are customized to their body type, athleticism, and swing.

The team also worked on a demanding production timeline, delivering on time while optimizing the client’s spend. Here’s what Artisan delivered and how they did it:

Product Display Ideas & Signage

The multi-dimensional display embodies a golfing lifestyle that draws shoppers’ attention. The display and signage medium was selected to create a smooth, wrinkle-free surface at an affordable price. The medium helped to save time because they didn’t need to re-do a wrinkled image.

Hangtags & Retail Gift Receipts Take Your Brand Into Homes

Experts at small-format printing, in addition to large format design and printing, the creative team designed hangtags and receipts that can travel to shoppers’ homes to extend the memorable brick-and-mortar environment.

Prototyping  Innovative Retail Display Ideas

In addition to sourcing the right material, the Artisan team used the latest print production techniques and ensured quality during the prototyping step, fabrication, and when the project was rolled out. The quality control process is embedded into the production process at Artisan Colour, starting when production begins and ending when the project is installed and on display. The project was delivered on time and under budget.

Picture1-400x300 Picture3-400x299

Delivering Quality Consistently

The campaign’s sophistication hit the right note to deliver the best tactile experience and PXG’s marketing and creative team has requested Artisan Colour’s expertise on subsequent campaigns. 

#3: Retail Display Ideas That Get Visitors Into Your World

Some environments call for an immersive experience, namely locations where the crowd is an important part of the experience—bars, sports arenas, and conference centers are all good examples.


Environmental graphics and signage help guests become part of your brand’s story. Here are just a few ideas that you can apply to your space.

Guests Get Into the Game with Custom Floor Coverings

The Gila River’s Sports HQ at Vee Quiva Casino took on a brighter life with an amazing G3 floor mat vinyl. It’s only 12’ X 22’ but it transforms a bar floor into a football field! You can see the end zone and the yardage markers, inviting you to act out gameplays so you can feel as if you’re part of the game.

Hockey fans love the rink-inspired flooring made of adhesive vinyl that is scuff-resistant environmental graphics printing. The adhesive is strong and adheres to carpets, vinyl, and tile, which is perfect for the hockey rink.

A Nissan SUV was showcased on the vinyl floor and displayed in the casino; you can see it’s tough as well as beautiful. Want to know more about how floor graphics add to the experience or can be used for advertisement? 

Frosted Decals Transform a Space

During football season, Arizona’s home team was featured in frosted cut vinyl decals that were put on the windows to add energy to the space. Both the  Cardinals’ logo and outlines of football players decorated the space.


Environmental Graphics Printing Makes a Statement for #YouDoYou

As part of the “Reclaim What’s Yours Campaign”, Artisan printed #YouDoYou signage that completely enveloped Wild Horse Pass casino. OH Partners created the campaign and graphics, while Artisan printed the environmental signage.

Slogans decorated escalators and bulkheads, and a 20’ mural brought the campaign to life.

In addition, die-cut slot toppers were used throughout the casino.

All the elements united to elevate the theme, making an incredible impact on visitors.

The mesmerizing effect of environmental graphics and signage would be lost in smaller images. By allowing oversized images and meaningful slogans to dominate the space, visitors can easily connect to the space.

 #4: Event Graphic Ideas: Draw People In at a Trade Show


DAE Timeshare Events Trade Show Booth printing by Artisan Colour

When you represent your brand at large events like trade shows or conventions, you are competing with every other organization. Just like you, they want to occupy the space in customers’ hearts and minds. How do you stand out in a sea of good ideas?

The answer may sound simple by being unforgettable and drawing prospects into your world. It isn’t easy to accomplish here are our recommendations.

Spotlight Your Brand

A professional print house that can design is invaluable when your brand graphics are transferred to banners, booth graphics, marketing collateral, and more. At Artisan Colour, our in-house graphic designers and print specialists ensure that your design stands out and is in sync with your brand’s vision. Here’s where we work on your projects:


Our expert team are veterans of these types of projects and understand everything that goes into planning for large event graphics. From start to finish, when the event graphics are deployed, our team alleviates stress by offering all these design and print services to you.

We learn about your brand and use advanced tools to match specific brand and campaign colors. Additionally, we know what materials make color, graphic images, and messaging pop, so you remain in the minds of your prospects long after they leave the conference.

Here are select event graphics we have created for our clients:



The Canon Colorado Gel-Inkprinter introduces new ink and finishing technologies to a wide array of large format printing applications. Create Durable Outside Banners with Cannon Colorado’s UVgel technology that makes banners weather and scratch resistant.

Retail or Product Signs & Tents


Choose from various materials, and custom shapes, and sizes so you can be creative and stand out with your signage. We also offer fabric printing to be used as table covers, back wall displays, mounted displays, hanging signs, pop-up tents, and more.

  • Directional Signs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sign Stands
  • Full Signs
  • Dimensional Lettering
  • Metal, Acrylic, Wood, Foam Board, Plastic, etc.

Don’t Neglect Takeaways

Spice up your trade show tables with sales collateral, point of purchase displays, and custom packaging. These items showcase your brand and often are the last impression that you can make on your customers before they walk away.


#5: Wall Murals: Bring Your Brand to Life and Create a Memorable Impression

Want to transform a space without the expense, time, and mess of a construction upgrade? Wall murals and graphics are unique retail displays that can make a big statement, which is ideal for grand openings or brand re-designs. They also offer the opportunity for you to create a clean, uniform atmosphere and set the mood for the perfect guest experience.

Upgrade a Space with a Powerful Wall Mural


Scottsdale, AZ Waterfront Location


Scottsdale, AZ Waterfront Location

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro remodeled multiple locations nationwide. As they transitioned their restaurant style to a more modern look and feel, Artisan created bold, colorful wall murals and graphic designs to set the right atmosphere. The custom prints are impactful and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Your Company Brand is Alive

Refresh corporate spaces with fine art prints, wall murals, and prints. The art can embrace company culture, highlight goals and accomplishments, or showcase employee achievements. Artisan works to understand your brand and works closely with you to create an aesthetic experience that is soothing and welcoming for both your employees and customers.


Vivid Seats Office Wall Mural Environmental Graphics Artisan Colour

When we created a new environment for VIVIDSEATS, we worked with them to design create a meaningful and visually dramatic space.

Office & Store Display Ideas, Options & More!


Artisan Colour’s modern print technology and 25 years of experience combined with professional photography, product management, and in-house creative services are the perfect combination for your retail display needs.

We can help with: 

  • Branded wall murals
  • Retail window displays
  • Take-home catalogs or magazines
  • Promotional products
  • Business & product signage
  • Canopies, backdrops & banners

Feel free to reach out to us for assistance with your upcoming project, trade show, or event. Our team is here to provide the support you need. Contact us today!